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Mid Wales Guild of Holistic Therapists

The Guild's Aims and Objectives in Mid Wales

  • To reassure the general public about the safe use of complementary therapies. All Guild members are professionally qualified, insured and are members of a governing body.

  • To raise public awareness of the complementary therapies available in the local area.

  • To contribute to the well being of the local community through holistic therapies.

  • To provide peer support for professional, fully qualified, accredited practitioners who work in the area.

  • To provide educational and training opportunities for Mid Wales practitioners.

The Guild was setup in 2015 with two aims.  The first was to provide a network for therapists in the Mid-Wales area to get together as a community. Our second aim is to provide a directory of regulated therapists for the public to have reassurance that our therapists are fully qualifed, members of a professional association or governing body  and they are fully insured. Presently, very few complementary therapies are regulated by statute. Without governmental oversight anyone can set up in practice - without  experience, training, qualifications, or insurance. That is why it is so important to choose a therapist that volunteers to be regulated.

The Mid Wales Guild of Holistic Therapists was formed by a group of local therapists. The aims of the Guild are: 

The Committee 2020/21

The Guild came into being through the teamwork of three therapists living and working in Mid Wales. We are a like-minded group of therapists who wish to share good practice and promote holistic therapies in the local area. We view complementary health care as a unique vocation and believe that the personal qualities and skills of the therapist are a key factor to success.

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'Chair' 2022/23



'Treasurer' 2022/23



'Secretary '2022/23




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