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About Sarah: 
Sarah is a Shamanic Healer & Sacred Drum Medicine Practitioner, accredited by the College of Sound Healing.

She is a Sacred Pipe carrier, Creative Medicine holder, Sacred Circle holder and Mixed Media Artist.

Sarah Maturin-Baird

Shamanic Healing & Sacred Drum Medicine Practitioner 

Based in: Mochdre, near Newtown where she has a private healing
shed at her home. Home visits, within a 15 mile radius of Newtown, may be
arranged. She also spends time in Dedham, Essex in the healing tipi.

Contact Sarah on: 07761 535517



Free 15 min video information chat available.

Sacred Drum Medicine combines sound and vibrational healing with shamanic practices. This type of healing works on the four aspects of our nature, the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual, to release unwanted energy which may cause physical illness/ pain/addictions/ mental health issues/ anxiety/ emotional overwhelm.

Shamanic Healing encourages you to find your own truth, to follow your own heart and to see that the answers you seek are already inside you.


This is 'Slow Medicine', one needs to be open and curious to allow these effective ancient practices to flow. Sarah is a door opener, a way shower who can skilfully guide you to step onto your own powerful Medicine path.

A list of available offerings can be found on her website. If you are not sure
which healing is best for you, take advantage of the free video call, or email for more info.
Healing sessions are usually about an hour, although time is not rigid.

Energy exchanges work on an aligned price point.

**In the context of Shamanic Healing the word "Medicine"; refers to spiritual healing, the force within us. Sarah does not offer any form of medication to apply topically or ingest. She offers complimentary therapies; they should not
replace any prescribed medications given by your GP.

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