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Member Profile of the Month .....

Get to really know…….. Periodically we publish a profile to introduce and get to know our therapists a little better. This month, we look at the profile of Medical Herbalist and Naturopath, Michelle Boudin. Michelle is a founder member of the Guild and is currently the chair of the group.

Name: Michelle Boudin

What is your Therapy: Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy

Where are you located/practice: Llanidloes

How long have you been a therapist: I have been a therapist since 2008

Where did you train: I trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London

What has been your proudest moment: I am a volunteer at Great Oak Foods, an organic veg shop and not-for-profit social enterprise in Llanidloes. We recently moved into a larger but rather rundown building. It took an army of volunteers to fix the building up all in our spare time over the course of a year. I dedicated a lot of weekends and it was a real labour of love, but the results are worth it. I am so proud of myself as I am of all the volunteers who helped transform the place as we achieved so much on a small budget.

Future plans: I plan to develop my practice with a more spiritual focus. There are so many environmental and other challenges on the planet at this time which many people need help with. I would like to further train in past life therapy skills as well as some kind of spiritual counselling. On a personal level, I am planning on visiting Machu Picchu at some point in my life!

Most embarrassing encounter: I remember, whilst training, I had to take part in role play. I was ‘paired’ with another student I hardly knew. We were practising taking case notes; I was the ‘therapist. The fellow student or the ‘client’ shared her bizarre symptoms with me, which made me giggle out loud. She was mortified at my reaction because her supposedly ‘made up’ symptoms were actually real and I laughed! Big lesson learned early in my professional career!

What inspired you to become a therapist: I was working very long hours as a software engineer, living the life in sunny California. The job I was in was very demanding and stressful which resulted in me suffering from ill health and I was diagnosed with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. I was prescribed a multitude of pharmaceuticals without much success. My life was finally turned around when I met a Naturopath and with his help, I regained my health. I was inspired! I also worked for a homeopathic vet and could see what wonderful effects natural medicine has on animals so know it works!

Pets: I have a characterful cat called Noggin and I keep chickens and bees.

Name one regret you may have: With hindsight, I regret that I did not leave my IT job in California sooner and that I ignored the warning signs on my health for such a long time.

What music are you embarrassed about listening to: I still love listening to the songs from the 80s, like OMD or Pet Shop Boys, that was my era.

What is your favourite salty snack: What is there not to like about salty snacks. If I had to choose one it would have to be thickcut chips with garlic mayo! But I love any kind of spicy, savoury foods.

Do you think ‘honesty is the best policy’? why or why not: It really depends on the situation. I don’t like hurting or confronting people so sometimes ‘diplomacy’ is the best option.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Saturday night: I love my creature comforts. I love to settle in front of the fire, with my cat on my lap, a good glass of wine, watching a movie. I like being at home, feeling comfortable, warm and relaxed. I don't get a mobile phone signal at home too so lots of peace and quiet!

What are two things you consider yourself to be good at: I don't have many talents but am good at organizing, and like to think of myself as a good business administrator – sorry that's so boring! I also see myself as a good cook!

What part of your daily routine can you not function without: As I mentioned earlier, I love my creature comforts. I have to put the electric blanket on about an hour before going to bed!

What was your favourite childhood TV programme: Without a doubt – ‘The Clangers’. I remember the little knitted characters, the whistles, and the wonderful Oliver Postgate narration. So original, I found it captured my imagination at a very young age.

What topic of conversation do you consider boring: Reality TV shows, zzzzzzzzzzz! Apart from the Great British Bake Off and the new Pottery Throw Down.

How important is it that you are on time: It is very important to me. I get quite stressed out if I have to catch a boat/plane/train etc. so I always leave hours early! And just as well as on my last trip to France this summer my windscreen broke on the motorway to the ferry but we had plenty of time to get it sorted.

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