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Kirsten McIver, CKRP

Creative Kinesiology

Based in Llanidloes

Contact Kirsten: 01686 412976

Mobile: 07779 450998 

Contact Kirsten via email

Kirsten integrates her many healing modalities into a  75 min  treatment tailoring for your authentic needs right now.

She uses sound, deep restorative massage (influenced by shiatsu), reflexology and cranio-sacral in combination when needed.

Kirsten holds space for you to link in with your inner self. She is an integrated therapies Practitioner with a wealth of experience working holistically.
She is qualified in Creative Kinesiology  , Massage, Reflexology, Sound Therapy, Cranio Sacral and shamanic practices.

InnerSol Intergrated Therapies , is  Kirstens healing umbrella, holding clinics in Llanidloes and Newtown, Mid Wales.
Kirsten also offers onsite treatments to retreats and groups.


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