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About Marcus:


Marcus as real as it gets -

A working-class lad who served his country in the British Army and then after a brief spell as a Telecoms and IT Manager I spent 10 years serving once more as a Police Officer.

His experiences led him to wanting to take his own life, but out of that despair it allowed me to understand myself and others more deeply. He beat the system and as a result I understand leadership and human connection from the bottom up as well as from the top down.

Add that to my years of training in coaching, mentoring, hypnotherapy and rapid transformational therapy, you can see why I get raving testimonials from my clients.

If you're looking for a human who will challenge you, provoke you, to allow real change and growth we should talk.

If you are looking for a someone who will stand by your side, lead from the front and then allow you to step into your power but is there to give you a gentle nudge when fear drops by, drop me a line

"I believe everyone should live a fulfilled and happy life and when you break free from the destructive stories you tell yourself everyday and understand why those painful feeling are actually the key to breaking free you can transform your life in no time at all".

It all starts with a conversation

Who do you know who is ready to start that journey of true abundance and freedom❓️

Marcus Matthews cl.Hyp RTT RTTA GQHP

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Transformational Life Coaching

Based in Shrewsbury and online 

Contact Marcus: 03333 053383

Contact Marcus via email

More about Marcus here on his  website

I help you find the root cause to why you feel the way you do

To me you are more than a client. I understand the pain of not understanding WHAT is going on, that's because I have been there too.

As a former soldier and police officer I have seen and felt pain, I have seen what man is capable of.













Together we unlock the mysteries of why you feel the way you do then change that story forever.

As a result of working with me, my clients find the freedom and answers they need and move forward to live a happy and abundant life.

I have been lucky enough to fail a lot and even found myself on the verge of suicide, but I found the courage to be vulnerable, not to be ashamed to get help and that journey has led me to work with some amazing mentors and coaches as well as clients.

More ways to connect with Marcus: 


Facebook Community: universehasmyback



Podcast: – Available on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher

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