Top Five Crystals for Healing your Heart by Lauren D'Silva

April 7, 2014

Here are my favourite stones for heart healing. Our human hearts get quite a beating and it is understandable that many would rather close them down or armour them up rather than risk getting hurt again, yet to love wholly we need to keep our hearts open. These crystals will help you heal the scars of the wounded heart, clear heavy energies of betrayal and distrust, preparing you for loving life and others once more.


Rose quartz is an obvious contender for top choice when it comes to heart healing. It is widely available and cheap to buy. You can purchase big chunks or source pendants, tumblestones or even polished heart shaped pieces all at a reasonable price. This stone has a well deserved reputation as a heart healer, it is so generous in its action. There are stories of it taking on so much of the user’s pain that it fades in colour or even breaks.


Lie down and place it on your heart chakra, in the centre of your chest level with your physical heart. Relax for 10 minutes and allow the stone’s energies to get to work. As with all crystal healing ensure your crystal is cleansed before and after you use it.


If you wear rose quartz as a pendant use a chain long enough to allow the stone to sit over your heart chakra and cleanse it daily. Don’t expect rose quartz’s healing energy to always be gentle, it can work quite strongly where deep wounding or blockages exist. If its energy is too much for you try my next choice, soothing mangano calcite.


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