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About Marcus:

My name is Marcus Matthews a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Coach. I went years struggling to understand WHY life seemed so unfair and tough.

This led me to suicidal thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks and living a life through the disguise of a confident, articulate man, whose passion for life was hiding a fear of failure and shame.

My life changed forever when I was admitted to a mental health unit. The support I received made me FEEL even worse and I felt like just another statistic.

My journey started with these questions:

WHY don't I FEEL enough

WHY am I different

WHY are things available to others and not me

I said no to pills and no to medical intervention and found Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT)

Not only did RTT save my life, it opened up an opportunity to be trained and mentored by RTT creator Marisa Peer.

Now through my practice I help people like you.

My 21 day transformational programme will truly change your life and I can't wait to show you the possibilities.

I offer 1 to 1 coaching and I also have an online community where I share what I have learnt for free, so why not visit my online Facebook Group or sign up for my free Triple Success for a Better You online course.

So now's the time to book your FREE no obligation Discovery Call - You'll be so glad you did because it's time to Make Your Life Count.

Marcus Matthews c.RTT, c.HYP

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My Promise

To me you are more than a client. I understand the pain of not understanding WHAT is going on, that's because I have been there too.

As a former soldier and police officer I have seen and felt pain, I have seen what man is capable of.















Dr. Edmond Locard (1877–1966) was a pioneer in forensic science and became known as the Sherlock Holmes of France, his principle which pertains to crime scenes is "Every contact leaves a trace". This principle can be used when looking at the mind also, because every habit of action is driven by a habit of thought.


Together we unlock the mysteries of why you feel the way you do then change that story forever.

As a result of working with me, my clients find the freedom and answers they need and move forward to live a happy and abundant life.

I have been lucky enough to fail a lot and even found myself on the verge of suicide, but I found the courage to be vulnerable, not to be ashamed to get help and that journey has led me to work with some amazing mentors and coaches as well as clients.

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