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About Cheryl:

Prior to being a therapist, Cheryl’s background was in marine biology and teaching. After a life changing accident, Cheryl experienced the restorative power of craniosacral therapy which largely enabled her recovery. Following this, Cheryl trained as a craniosacral therapist.

Cheryl Jones, R.C.S.T.

Craniosacral Therapy

Based in Llanidloes

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About Craniosacral Therapy and Fascial Unwinding

Craniosacral therapy works with its own rhythmic motions. When the rhythm is disturbed by physical or emotional stresses, health is compromised.  Sensitive touch invites the body towards subtle shifts and stillness within fluids. These self-correcting effects release restrictions to the rhythm and benefit health.

Craniosacral therapy influences the functioning of the central nervous system and consequently, all the other body systems. There are a wide range of conditions that may respond favourably. These include:

  • Headaches                     -  Sinusitis

  • Sciatica                            -  Back / neck pain / whiplash

  • Chronic pain                   -  Jaw disorders

  • Sinusitis                           -  Exhaustion / fatigue

  • Stroke                               -  Breathing disorders

  • Digestive problems        -  Emotional problems

  • Colic                                  -  Inability to conceive naturally

Craniosacral therapy is well known for helping newborn babies with problems that can arise from the stress of birth.

Fascial unwinding complements cranio-sacral therapy by releasing tensions within the soft tissue web which envelops everything in the body.

During treatments, clients typically report that they feel safe and that  considerable improvements are gained in terms of a reduction in pain, increased mobility and enhanced emotional well-being.

For Cheryl, it is very fulfilling and nourishing to facilitate the physical, emotional and spiritual integration of a client’s system.